Daniella Vitale: The Business of Luxury Retail

Daniella Vitale, chief operating officer and senior vice president of Barneys New York, discusses innovation in fashion and the business of luxury retail.

On maintaining a customer-centric strategy: “Retail can’t just be about product; it has to be about service and the experience of the customers. There is a lot of competition, so we need to ensure that the experience is as elevated as the product.”

On the marriage of the in-store and digital experiences: “There’s a social aspect to going into a store that will never change. But the physical stores also need a digital presence. There is no “offline-online” strategy, but it’s the integration of the two, and our customer expects that.”

On cultivating talent within Barneys: “It’s not just about picking the next emerging designer or celebrating the legacy of a designer that’s been in the store for 30 years – it’s cultivating the talent that exists within the four walls of Barneys. If we’re going to attract talent, we have to have it ourselves.”