Jeff Fager and Lesley Stahl: 50 Years of '60 Minutes'

In this episode, 60 Minutes executive producer, Jeff Fager, and veteran correspondent, Lesley Stahl, discuss their rise in television journalism, the history of the broadcast, and how they are adapting it for the next generation of viewers.   

Fager on what makes the broadcast standout: “We never ever do audience research to determine what stories to cover. That's a very important distinction in all of broadcast journalism because I think even in print now, there's so much of it happening where you're basically spending a lot of your time trying to figure out what the audience wants you to cover, as opposed to making those decisions based on what's important or what's interesting. And we make those decisions on what's important... The onus is on us to make the story so interesting, so compelling that you stay with it. To me that separates us out.”  

Stahl on the lessons of covering the Watergate scandal: “It was enormously important and significant to have my beginning and my awakening into journalism be a story, number one, where I could cover it for three years therefore learn how to develop sources and really do investigations, but also learn that you can stand up to power and not be afraid of it.”