The New Energy Landscape

The Low Carbon Economy

We are at an inflection point when it comes to the deployment of clean technology and renewables. Goldman Sachs is targeting $150 billion to finance and invest in companies that promote clean technology and renewable energy, and we are committed to helping to develop market-based solutions to environmental challenges.

ESG Revolution Rising: From Low Chatter to Loud Roar

Widespread company focus on environmental, social, and governance metrics has faced something of a chicken-and-egg problem: investors often don't hear from companies why these metrics matter to the business, and companies perceive the lack of questions they're receiving as a lack of interest. But the tide may be turning.

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The Wind and Solar Boom

Falling wind and solar costs are set to spur even greater investment in renewable technologies. Alberto Gandolfi of Goldman Sachs Research explains.

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Reports: The Low Carbon Economy

The future Low Carbon Economy is now as much a transformative technology shift as it is a response to environmental challenges, according to Goldman Sachs Research. Learn more about the four technologies it sees leading the charge.

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The Renewables Story in Asia

Ankur Sahu, co-head of Goldman Sachs’ Merchant Banking Division in Asia Pacific, explains how Asia has become a critical player in addressing climate change.

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The Solar Story

Brian Lee of Goldman Sachs Research explains why the outlook for US solar remains positive, despite near-term policy uncertainty for renewable energy.

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The Power Shift

On the path to a Low Carbon Economy, the European utilities sector offers a case study in navigating the challenges of transitioning to renewable fuel sources. Goldman Sachs Research’s Alberto Gandolfi explains.

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