Environmental Stewardship

Our People and Thought Leadership

Environmental stewardship is not only about how we operate our business, but also about how we engage our people. Through programs sponsored across our global businesses, environmental issues are discussed and environmental initiatives are acted upon. We will continue to look for opportunities to further engage our employees on environmental opportunities. 

Examples of our employee engagement programs, which we will seek to build on, are as follows:

Thought Leadership

Throughout the year we offer a speaker series, called Talks at GS, that brings thought leaders to the firm to share innovative ideas and thinking on a variety of themes, including environmental topics ranging from renewable energy and conservation to water issues. We also publish timely and topic-specific content on both our internal and external communications portals that includes videos, infographics and podcasts to educate both our people and our clients on the evolving environmental landscape

  • For more information on our speakers series, visit Talks at GS.
  • For more information on our content portals, visit Our Thinking. For content specific to environmental topics, visit the section on The Low Carbon Economy.

Conferences and Convenings 

Additionally, we host conferences on environment and energy issues, specifically with a focus on the intersection of markets and how innovative financial mechanisms can be leveraged. We convene policy makers, NGOs and academic institutions alongside our clients, investors and employees to advance dialogue and collaboration that can facilitate capital flows that benefit the environment.

In November 2017, we hosted the Sustainable Finance Innovation Forum, which convened more than 300 corporates, investors, public sector representatives and non-profit organizations to discuss key themes shaping environmental markets and sustainability. The Forum was held with the backdrop of shifting U.S. policy, including the pull back from the Paris Climate Agreement, juxtaposed with strengthening market drivers. From the increasing investor focus on Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) integration to rapid ongoing technology innovation, discussion centered on how the growing economic thesis around low carbon solutions and sustainable business models is reshaping industries and markets. We published a forum recap with key takeaways and a video with highlights from the day.

In November 2016, we held our inaugural Low Carbon Economy Global Forum, hosted by Goldman Sachs Research in London on the anniversary of Paris COP21.  CEOs, policymakers, and leading experts engaged in a series of high-level panel discussions and fireside chats with investors on the trajectory of the Low Carbon Economy.  The discussions revolved around the themes of rapidly advancing low carbon technologies, fast evolving markets and business models, and challenges in a fragmented and volatile global policy landscape.  Goldman Sachs Research published an accompanying report on The Low Carbon Economy: Technology in the Driver’s Seat.

In November 2015, we hosted our second Environmental Finance Innovation Forum to explore innovative financing and capital market solutions that benefit the environment. The event brought together business leaders, investors, policymakers and other key stakeholders to discuss the latest developments in environmental markets, including the potential shown by energy storage and supply advancements, and solutions that could attract additional capital to conservation. We asked some of the event’s attendees about what a sustainable world will look like in 2050.


We regularly communicate with our people through multiple channels. We publish environmental newsletters offering updates on notable transactions related to the environment and the firm’s progress on minimizing our environmental footprint, among other topics. We also publish articles on our intranet to focus on environmental issues and communicate our environmental progress.

Environmental Networks

Employee-led environmental networks in cities around the world raise awareness and engage local employees on initiatives ranging from recycling and composting to reduction of disposable cups and bottles.

Community TeamWorks

Each year our Community TeamWorks program allows for employees to participate in volunteer projects in their local communities that have a direct impact on the environment. These projects range from aiding in park clean-ups to installing solar panels on housing for low-income residents.

Learn More: Community TeamWorks

Goldman Sachs Gives

Through Goldman Sachs Gives, the firm’s donor-advised fund, current and retired senior employees can recommend grants to qualifying nonprofit organizations globally. Since 2010, Goldman Sachs Gives has provided nearly $48 million of grants across 12 different countries towards critical societal, conservation and environmental-related programs.

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Environmental Awards and Rankings

Each year, Goldman Sachs receives awards across categories including business, employer of choice, and environmental, social and governance (ESG). 

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