Executive Director/Vice President,
Margin Lending

Operations Division, Singapore

“You’ll be working with the brightest people who all share a passion for excellence. The key is to work at your best and make the most of every opportunity.”


I lived in the USA for fifteen years and studied Accounting and Finance at the University of Maryland. I then worked in Tokyo and Hong Kong prior to arriving in Singapore. Working in and being involved with one of the world’s fastest growing economies is quite a unique experience.

The Interview Process

I remember being asked the question “When in life would you be satisfied?” It was a bit of an open-ended question and it really made me think about what constitutes satisfaction in life.

Starting Out at Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is a leading financial services firm, and each employee represents a part of that. So I spent time talking to as many people as possible to learn about the business and its culture, as well as learning more about my own role and function, with a desire to become the best at what I do.


The experience of living and working in different countries has taught me the importance of embracing teamwork. Learning to accept others and their individual traits instills patience, which is an essential part of the relationship building that's required to excel at Goldman Sachs. Our firm prides itself in working as a team and using teamwork to improve individual performances.

Career Development

My direct managers have helped influence how I want to pursue my career. They take into consideration my strengths and present the most suitable career path for me.

I also have a mentor, which is a tremendous help. These people provide different perspectives and objective advice that you may not necessarily get from people within your team.

Working in Operations

In Operations, process improvement is becoming a norm in our day-to-day job as we continue to think about our client experience. The week following the major earthquake in Japan, my team was short-staffed with everyone feeling uneasy. However, with our global coverage, our New York, London and Salt Lake City offices were able to help process our work. Goldman Sachs is a global firm, so in the event of any problems, we have the ability to handoff work to other regions.


The opportunities are never ending at Goldman Sachs, but it’s up to every individual to make the best of what’s available. For me personally, transitioning from a team in which I worked for three years is a challenge in itself. It requires me to learn from the beginning, but having the opportunity to help influence others because of my previous experience is something I’m looking forward to.

Community Involvement

I’ve participated in Community TeamWorks events every year since I joined the firm. These events have been an integral part of Goldman Sachs since 1997, and cover activities as wide-ranging as the preservation of wildlife habitats to attending Special Olympics’ Basketball events. Each event offers staff new perspectives and experiences that they wouldn’t normally find at work.