Diversity and Inclusion

Pipeline Development Programs

Goldman Sachs offers pipeline development programs that ensure our people are equipped with the tools to succeed at every stage of their career. These programs often consist of targeted, high-impact events that provide visible role models, promote commercial development, encourage networking and acknowledge the issues that can affect individuals at various points throughout their career life-cycle.

Diversity Training and Awareness Building

Our diversity training curriculum delivers key messages about how to incorporate diversity and inclusion into everyday business at all levels of the organization. The approximately 50 workshops and online training sessions offered provide insight into dimensions of difference, encourage participants to consider different angles and perspectives, and share guidance on inclusive behaviors that foster acceptance and enhance communications around diversity.

The curriculum offers a range of programs that focus on diversity, cross-cultural issues, effective work relationships, our core values as a firm and ways to contribute to a respectful and inclusive work environment. In addition, we integrate diversity training into our orientation programs for all incoming hires.