2014 Year in Review

Here are some of our most popular reports, videos and initiatives featured on in 2014.


01 Dec 2014

Through our speaker series, Talks@GS, Goldman Sachs regularly invites leading thinkers from a broad range of backgrounds to share their views and expertise with our people.

Social Impact Bonds

02 Oct 2014

A social impact bond is a financing tool that uses private capital to achieve positive social outcomes. View infographic to find out how social impact bonds work.

Goldman Sachs Engineering

23 Sep 2014

Engineering is at the heart of everything we do at Goldman Sachs. See how we are building solutions in the fields of open source, risk management and more.

Outlook 2015

14 Sep 2014

Economists from Goldman Sachs discuss the factors influencing economic growth around the world and share their expectations for 2015.

Meet Our People

06 Jul 2014

Professionals from across the firm talk about what they do, what it's like to work at Goldman Sachs, and more.

North American Energy Summit

10 Jun 2014

The North American Energy Summit brought together public and private stakeholders to discuss a strategy for harnessing the continent's energy resources to spur economic growth, enhance national security and regional competitiveness, and promote responsible development of these energy resources.