Municipal Finance
Infrastructure, Government Agencies & Sports Facilities

For over half a century, our firm has helped state and local governments get the funding they need to strengthen their infrastructure and build projects that promote growth.

Infrastructure, State and Local Governments, Sports Facilities
and Housing Finance Agencies

Infrastructure / State and Local Governments

These include water and wastewater systems, civic and convention centers, schools, libraries, airports, highways, mass transit and housing. Our professionals work closely with these issuers or clients, providing financing, underwriting, risk management and public-private partnership investment banking services.

Sports Facilities

Goldman Sachs is a market leading underwriter on financing transactions for stadiums, arenas and event centers. We assist issuers in creating a financing structure, marketing and placing debt for both public- and private-supported facilities. In the public-private partnership context we provide advisory services to assist our clients in the negotiation and bidding process. We also work with professional sport leagues and individual team franchises, developing financing packages, providing loans and identifying investors.

Housing Finance Agencies

We believe that low- and moderate-income housing is an essential function in American society, and that state agencies are key to financing these projects. We have worked closely with these agencies for more than four decades, underwriting a variety of bonds, including taxable, tax-exempt, single-family and multifamily housing issues. We have also served as underwriter or bank loan arranger for military housing transactions.