Municipal Finance
Corporate Related

Our group provides financing alternatives to corporate issuers seeking tax-exempt capital expenditure funding for facilities deemed to have a public purpose.

Certain qualified corporate issuers may have access the tax-exempt market to fund facilities that are deemed to have a public purpose under the United States Internal Revenue Code. Our corporate related group assists companies in the structuring of tax-exempt financing transactions. Our broad experience enables us to assist companies in a wide range of industries including: electric utility, oil refining and petrochemical manufacturing, pulp and paper, chemical manufacturing, steel, automotive, semi-conductor manufacturing, food processing, brewing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, airlines, and docks and wharves among others.

Furthermore, we have assisted companies in structuring tax-exempt financing transactions for a variety of projects for our clients, including solid waste disposal and removal, industrial wastewater, energy distribution, energy production and co-generation and clean air programs.