Goldman Sachs Leads Inaugural Disruptive Tech Symposium in London

On 15 and 16 March, Goldman Sachs held its first Disruptive Tech Symposium in London. Michael Sherwood, co-CEO of Goldman Sachs International, and leaders across the firm led discussions with more than 60 companies on new technology disrupting traditional industries.

“This event is important because it brings together companies and entrepreneurs looking to make a difference well beyond the technology sector,” said Sherwood. “From FinTech to Retail and Healthcare to Energy, disruption is happening across all industries, which is helping consumers and growing the economy.”

Sherwood held a fireside chat that examined the landscape for tech entrepreneurs and investors, as well as the venture capital market in Europe and the US. FinTech emerged as an area of interest for companies in 2016, with a large focus on the consumer adoption of FinTech products and services. A panel of leaders highlighted FinTech as a changing field but underscored the challenges in entering the marketplace due to regulation. The event also centered on healthcare, notably the role of big data in personalised medicine going forward.

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