Zhang Xin: Shaping China's Skylines

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Co-founder and chief executive officer of real estate development company SOHO China, Zhang Xin discussed entrepreneurship and innovations in architecture.

On her inventive approach to architecture: “People want to see something new and creative, to touch and feel something different. In working with architects, I always say, ‘I don’t want you to produce something you’ve done. I want you to think about something you have never done before.’”

On successful teamwork: “Everyone has different skills, and I prefer to make every [business] decision as a group. Whenever I have an idea, the decision is never mine alone. We sound out every idea with senior management and make a collective decision.”

On entrepreneurship: “Entrepreneurs start with a dream and believe they can do something. There are good days and bad days. They will certainly doubt themselves and want to give up, but it’s [ultimately] about the fearlessness of walking in and figuring it out.”