Dan Weiss: A Museum for the 21st Century

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As President and CEO of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, Dan Weiss has made it his priority to transform the 150-year old establishment into a relevant institution for the 21st century, which, he says, presents fresh challenges and unique opportunities.

Weiss weighs in on the future of the museum and on the debate over the role of art – from ancient works housed in the museum to Civil War monuments – informing our history versus honoring it. A former college president, he also adds his perspectives on the importance of healthy public debate, both on campus and across society.

On the relationship between art and history: “My greatest concern is that we are increasingly moving as a society away from having the capacity for meaningful disagreement and discussion.”

On the campus free speech debate: “Good learning takes place explicitly when people are uncomfortable.”

On transforming the museum for the 21st century: “It's important to start with who we are and what makes us distinctive in how we contribute to the world.”