Chuck Hagel: Perspectives on the Geopolitical Landscape

Chuck Hagel, former US Secretary of Defense, discussed the evolving geopolitical landscape.

On the strategy required to fight ISIS: “They cannot sustain the kind of ideology they espouse, but they aren’t going away anytime soon. ISIS is the most sophisticated entity we have ever seen outside a nation state, and the sophistication extends beyond their military expertise. We have to help these countries [where ISIS has a presence] develop institutions of governance that can provide the most basic needs, or else [the citizens of these countries] will continue to search for people and governments and leaders who make those promises.”

On the importance of the US-China relationship: “The management of our relationship with China is as key to the management of our foreign policy and economic policy as any one thing over the next few years. How this relationship gets shaped and framed going into the mid-21st century will be critical for us and critical for the world.”

On remaining steady in the face of global change: “We are building a new world order. I don’t think it’s a permanent order – no order ever is. But we’re going through a process – the Middle East, North Africa, Asia Pacific – that we’ve never quite seen before. [As a nation], we need to stay strong and steady and wise. We cannot allow our nation and our people and our confidence to come loose of our moorings.”