Caryl Stern: Creating Global Citizens

Caryl Stern, president and chief executive officer of the US Fund for UNICEF, discussed her motivations and the organization’s mission to save children’s lives.

On what drives her: “When you have to look into the face of a mother knowing her child just died – something you could have prevented – your entire world changes. Babies are dying every day from things like diarrhea, lack of water, things we can do something about. We’re not doing enough. We are not going to stop until that number is zero. Even the death of one child is one too many.”

On UNICEF’s ambitions in the US: “[UNICEF] hopes to inform a generation of Americans who will create global citizens, educate children and ensure that children in [the United States] understand their rights and their responsibilities as being part of a global village. These are not Haiti’s children, Africa’s children, China’s children – these are children. They should be defined by their age, not by their borders.”