The New Energy Landscape

The Low Carbon Economy

We are at an inflection point when it comes to the deployment of clean technology and renewables. Goldman Sachs is targeting $150 billion to finance and invest in companies that promote clean technology and renewable energy, and we are committed to helping to develop market-based solutions to environmental challenges.

Reports: The Low Carbon Economy

The election of Donald Trump has left many investors questioning the outlook for the Low Carbon Economy. In a new report, Goldman Sachs Research argues that technologies—not policies—will continue to drive the transition.

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The Solar Story

Brian Lee of Goldman Sachs Research explains why the outlook for US solar remains positive, despite near-term policy uncertainty for renewable energy.

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The Power Shift

On the path to a Low Carbon Economy, the European utilities sector offers a case study in navigating the challenges of transitioning to renewable fuel sources. Goldman Sachs Research’s Alberto Gandolfi explains.

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Environmental Stewardship

Lloyd C. Blankfein, chairman and chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs, discusses Goldman Sachs' updated Environmental Policy Framework, highlighting our expanded target to deploy $150 billion to finance clean energy by 2025.

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Clean Energy: A Tipping Point

Stuart Bernstein, an advisory director at Goldman Sachs, discusses how lower costs have led to the rapid adoption of renewable energy, creating a tipping point for energy producers and consumers.

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Renewable Energy and the Capital Markets

Chuck Park, managing director in the Equity Capital Markets Group in the Investment Banking Division at Goldman Sachs, discusses the evolution of capital raising for renewable energy businesses and growth opportunities in power generation.

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Innovative Financing for Clean Energy in Japan

Toru Inoue, a vice president in the Investment Banking Division at Goldman Sachs, explains how innovative financing will help bring clean energy developers together with investors and support Japan’s transition to a low-carbon future.

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