Our Operational Impact

In 2016, we achieved our goal of reducing our global water use by 5% from our operationally-controlled facilities from 2013 to 2020. We remain committed to this target through our goal year of 2020, and will strive to identify opportunities to further reduce our water consumption throughout our operations. 

To achieve this target, we have installed low flow fixtures whenever feasible and recycle/reuse water at several of our facilities, including New York and India. For example, the water system at our global headquarters at 200 West Street in New York uses 35% less municipal water for a savings of over 16 million gallons of water per year through the reduction, reclamation and reuse of water in the building. 

Additionally our water stewardship goes beyond being an efficient water user by assessing water related risks in our operations and supporting industry collaborations regarding the intersection of capital, technology, and policy in meeting emerging water challenges. For example, we are one of the founding members of the World Resources Institute Aqueduct Alliance, a partnership which brings together a number of leading companies to better address water risk through a global water risk mapping tool.

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