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Lagos, Nigeria

Animal Nutrition
De-Ideal Agro Allied Services Ltd
partner school
Pan-Atlantic University
As entrepreneurs, we like to run with our ideas before blinking but a well thought out business plan is a necessary tool that almost always guarantees success.

Business Overview

De-Ideal Agro Allied Services Ltd evolved from SGS Agro Consult Enterprise which I started in 2005. We are producers of fish feeds but also engage in other allied services such as sales of fish and poultry farming books, animal drugs, feed formulation and consultancy services.


Our main challenge which is how to finance our expansion. Our present office space is now too small for our operations and banks are not currently lending to small businesses.


Good record keeping and financial analysis has helped me understand my business better. I became so fascinated with this "discovery" that I wrote a "Record Keeping Manual" for those in the fish industry.

Since graduating from the 10,000 Women program, my business has experienced positive transformation. We changed from a sole proprietorship to a limited liability company and now have other investors in the new company and hold quarterly board meetings.

Our turnover in 2009 was 60% more than in 2008 and our staff increased from three to five employees.

I recently won the star prize at a Business Plan Competition organized by the Abuja Enterprise Agency. I used the cash prize to purchase a parcel of land which we hope to build a factory on.

I now help people write business plans especially for those in my industry. That has become another income stream for the business.

Future Goals 

My future goal is to be a top producer and exporter of Aqua Floating Feeds. Aqua floating feeds (opposed to the sinking feeds we currently produce) is a more efficient and highly preferred feed for catfish production.

Also, I would like to spin off another firm that will provide business solutions for SMEs (business advisory and financing). I have already started advising some Muslim women.