Meet the Women


Beijing, China

Beijing Moscreen Technology Co., Ltd.
partner school
Tsinghua SEM
I found many friends who share the same ambition, we all have a dream and we come together. We share the difficulties as well as the happiness and gains.

Business Overview

Our major business is a cell phone comic reading platform in China. We provide a service to cell phone users to read comics anywhere and anytime. We now have approximately two million registered users that have installed our software. This market has just opened up in China but it promises much growth in the future.


I have many fond memories of my time in the program. Before the program, I had never formally studied business management, so I hoped that through this program I could learn how to design my own business proposal, organize a business team and learn about the daily functioning and management of a company.


After participating in the program, our business began to develop rapidly. I am much busier now.

The biggest improvement for the company is capital. I have signed the preliminary investment contract with my new business partner and have relocated the primary location for Moscreen to benefit this relationship. The investment will be used for product development and marketing activities. Prior to the 10,000 Women program, I had nine employees and now I have 23 employees. I plan to hire additional employees in the near future.

I have also benefited from networking with other 10,000 Women scholars. One of my classmates has a lot of experience in administration and human resources and she is now helping our company to construct a more effective administration system. 

Future Goals

I hope in five years our company can become the largest provider of comics for cell phones in China, having more than 3.5 million subscribed users.

We also hope our company can become a publicly listed company.