Meet the Women


Hyderabad, India

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Indian School of Business
Since graduation, I continue to hire more contractors for my business, my revenue has increased significantly and I am entering new business partnerships.

Business Overview

My company, Wonders, offers turnkey and consultation interior and exterior design solutions for residences and commercial spaces. I have three full-time employees and, depending on the project, will hire 15 to 30 additional part-time employees.


I was having a hard time balancing my contracts — I would spend as much effort on a small job as a large one. I was also unable to delegate and could not understand why my business was not growing, despite the fact that I felt I was offering a valuable service.


Before entering the 10,000 Women program, I was interested in improving my managerial, business and networking skills. I had been in business for five years, but felt as if my business was not structured and my business activities were not prioritized.

Since graduation, I continue to hire contractors for my business. As the number of contractors has climbed from 30 to 40, revenue has increased significantly. By the close of 2009, Wonders' revenue increased by 260% from the year I started the program. My company is projecting more growth in 2010.

I have entered into a new collaboration with a builder who constructs apartment blocks - I fully furnish the apartments so they are ready to occupy for owners.

After completing the program, I trained my three employees in the skills I learned and now feel more comfortable delegating to these employees. I am in the process of hiring two more permanent employees.

Through a women's mentoring organization I launched called ANUVA (meaning "knowledge" in Sanskrit) on March 8, 2010. I have mentored ten women, five of whom have started their own businesses.

Future Goals

I intend to expand to other cities. I hope to open an outlet for interior designing p, including imported fixtures and fittings from other countries. I also hope to brand my company as one that specializes in designing kids' spaces.