Meet the Women


Cairo, Egypt

Corporate Cleaning Services
Al Fatth Services Company
partner school
American University in Cairo
The program is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is perfect for women who dare to dream and pursue their dreams.

Business Overview

I established my company in April 2009, after having problems working with my husband with whom I have been in the same business for twenty years; I decided to go out on my own and prove to myself that I could do it.

My company offers cleaning services for firms, such as sorting waste collected during cleaning, and supplies environmental cleaning products.


The management of my business was highly centralized; because I was responsible for most of the management and decision-making tasks, I did not have enough time to plan for the growth of my company.

Before 10,000 Women, I had limited strategic vision and few ideas concerning ways to expand and develop my business into a bigger and more professional operation.


Throughout the program, it became very clear to me that I needed to focus attention on my business management skills and a strategic growth plan. As part of my expansion plan, I moved the head office downtown so that I could penetrate new markets. As I started discovering the new area of Kattameya (next to AUC), I made several new contracts with companies near the campus. I closed another very important deal with a large company in a second new area, the Smart Village business compound. I have also established a partnership with a renowned cleaning services company that has branches in the United States. I used the knowledge I learned during the law course to ensure that I had a secure and fair contract.

Recently, I made a new partnership with another small cleaning company, as we were both having difficulty running our separate businesses, especially after the January 2011 revolution. This partnership helped consolidate our strengths to get over this difficult time in our country. This partnership became effective in May 2011.

The law and human resources courses have helped me to develop my business in a more professional manner. As a result, my contracts with the clients and the employees have improved significantly.

I had several ideas during the program to increase the professionalism of my business, and have since ordered new high quality uniforms for my employees and badges with the name of the worker and the name of the company. The uniforms and badges have made my company more professional and recognizable.

I have also started to decentralize the management of my business, and hired a general manager to take care of the technical issues as well as to deal with employee issues so that I have more time to advertise and focus on expansion.

The results of the changes I have implemented since graduation have been remarkable. My revenues before the program were between 30,000 and 40,000 Egyptian pounds a month and I had only 40 employees. Now having graduated from the program, I have approximately 250 employees and within one year increased more than ten-fold.

I have also benefited from networking with other 10,000 Women scholars. One of my classmates has a lot of experience in administration and human resources and she is now helping our company to construct a more effective administration system.

Future Goals 

My future goal is to start recycling the garbage I collect. Recycling requires specific capacities which I plan to acquire in the near future. I do not want to just expand and increase profits; I want to positively contribute to society by making my business environment-friendly.