Meet the Women


Kigali, Rwanda

Maria-Nyina wa-Jambo
partner school
William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan
Invest in yourself and your future.

Business Overview

I own a lumber yard and furniture manufacturing workshop.


I have used my experience with 10,000 Women to compete for business contracts. I recently secured my biggest contract to make desks for local schools. I will need additional funds to complete the project on time, and plan on applying for a loan using my business plan.


Since joining the 10,000 Women program, I have learned how to manage the accounting for both my furniture supply and lumberyard businesses.

My permanent cashier, Chartine, is also my adopted daughter. I am blessed by God to have survived the genocide, and I wanted to pass the blessing onto someone else. I am currently supporting Chartine as she completes her degree in Hotel Hospitality and Tourism. Since finishing 10,000 Women, I have encouraged Chartine to start her own travel agency or guesthouse when she completes her schooling. I tell her not to bother going all over town looking to work for someone else. Invest in yourself and your future.

Future Goals

I would like to diversify my business and go into home building. As a first step, I would like to purchase land and build an apartment building.

I am also in the process of developing my employees' artisan skills. I want to be an exclusive supplier for custom molding and furniture.