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Beijing, China

Custom Shoes
Craftsmen's Shoe Bar
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Tsinghua SEM
The advisors of this program could read our minds. They know about the problems every businesswoman faces and what kind of solution they need.

Business Overview

My business is Craftmen's Shoe Bar. We make high-quality, customized, made-to-measure leather products. I first dreamed of having my own business seven years ago, when I was a clothing designer. I felt that with the increase of people's quality of life, there would be an increased demand of high-class customized men's shoes. I saw the business opportunity. But it was just a dream at the time. I concentrated on this field and studied on my own. I spent four years training my craftsmen and producing the first shoes. It took me another three years to bring the products to the market.


Before I started this program, my major confusion was about setting targets and making a business plan. There was only input - no output and no profit. I didn't have a clear idea. To develop my enterprise and make it competitive, I needed planning and management.


This program has helped to solve some of the challenges my company encountered during its development. The lectures were both simple and profound and the case studies were very practical.

I learned how to write a business plan and acquired the skills for solving real problems, networking, communicating with customers and the determining pricing strategies. The result was substantial.

The enterprise is developing in a positive way and at a higher speed. Almost everyday I can see different changes. There are differences in my staff, myself, my products and service as well as the feedback from customers. I will try my best to bring my enterprise to the next level soon. In order to meet the needs of future development, I have hired and trained five designers and 11 new craftsmen.

Future Goals 

I don't want my enterprise to be a simple business; I want it to become a great career. My goal is to develop it, to make it more competitive, to perfectly copy it and to open 30 to 50 shoe bars in three years. My career ambition is to produce a Chinese luxury brand for shoes.

Another goal is to provide many job opportunities for the students majoring in fashion design, as well as for surplus labors like our craftsmen, so that their kids would have opportunities to receive better education and their parents can live in a better environment in their later years in life. Therefore I want to industrialize my business.