Meet the Women


Beijing, China

Early Childhood Education
Beijing E.G.G Education Co., Ltd
partner school
Tsinghua University-HEC
10,000 Women taught me the fundamentals of business management. It also helped me become braver and more confident.

Business Overview

My company provides education services to children ages 0-6 years through community baby day care and kindergartens. It was established in January 2011 with just 4 employees. We now have 8 community baby day care centers in Beijing and 1 kindergarten in Ha'erbin. In addition, we have added early childhood education, consulting, and technical services.


My main challenge is financial planning since my business has expanded rapidly. In the industry of early childhood education, I face challenges in quality control of our education and services. As a woman entrepreneur, I also face the typical challenge of keeping a work-life balance.


Through the 10,000 Women program, I improved my overall management skills and expertise. This program also helped me develop my overall business strategy. I built up a team providing quality control solutions to peers in early childhood education so that I turned this challenge of ours into a great business opportunity.

10,000 Women also gave me the knowledge and confidence that I needed to apply for a bank loan. I have recently started negotiating with a bank to explore options for financing.

I also started a 10,000 Women Alumni Club in Beijing. Through this platform, we organize events for fellow classmates. Together we share both professional and personal challenges and solutions and become the best supporting force to each other as women entrepreneurs. 

I started my business from scratch in early 2011 and I have hired more than 70 new employees and I have a few hundred clients. I have increased revenue by 200% and my business is in a leading position in annual revenue among my competitors of similar scale.

Future Goals 

My short-term goal is to open another 10 directly-affiliated community day care centers in Beijing and in 5 other cities through co-investment.

My long-term goal is to open 50 directly-affiliated and 50 co-invested community baby day care centers and kindergartens in Beijing and I hope to copy the same business model in other cities.

I would also like to introduce our own education curriculum and standards to a wider audience such as peers and industry associations. I hope to become a leader in pre-school education in both commercial operations and academic research.