Meet the Women


Hangzhou, China

Household Goods
Hangzhuo Oinme Household Articles Co., Ltd.
partner school
Zhejiang University
The 10,000 Women program gave me the confidence and capability to achieve what I have today. I was able to take action, produce high quality products, develop my own brands and contribute my part to build a better society.

Business Overview

I am the Founder and CEO of Oinme Household Articles which produces household products made of memory foam. My vision is to improve people’s life quality by providing a high quality home environment through her products.


I established my business in 2009, starting as an agent selling household products online. I didn't have my own brand and my profit margin was low. I lacked a business strategy and implementation plan to build a new team and establish new brands.


In 2011, I enrolled in the 10,000 Women program and became inspired to explore new business opportunities. Immediately after graduation, I turned the business plan I developed over the course of the program into action by launching my own R&D efforts. We identified the memory foam market as our new target. I filed a patent, registered the “Oinme” brand and developed my new product lines.

After a year of hard work, my products became a rapid success. My revenue increased ten times and my staff size quadrupled. Today, I own ten patents. I recently set up a new 3,000 square meter factory in order to increase my production capacity. I also registered another new brand “Aloevera” for maternal and children’s products.

Future Goals 

I will keep expanding my marketing efforts through online retail and group gift purchases. I will also expand my product portfolio and plan to grow sub-brands for each. Ultimately, I hope to become one of the largest online sellers in this niche market in China.