Meet the Women

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  • Alice

    Bakery Nairobi, Kenya 'The 10,000 Women program enabled me to identify the weaknesses and close the gaps in my bakery.' More

  • Anagha

    Packaging Hyderabad, India 'After attending the 10,000 Women program, I revisited my strategy and widened my customer base which resulted in a 20% growth in revenue.' More

  • Andeisha

    Child Care Kabul, Afghanistan 'Not only did I learn important management and leadership skills, but I also learned the importance of finance and marketing to the business.' More

  • Ayodeji

    Catering Lagos, Nigeria 'When you satisfy your clients, they actually become the arrow head of your sales force - incredible!' More

  • Binbin

    Music Boxes Beijing, China 'You have to start with a dream and make the dream come true through hard work and persistence.' More

  • Cao

    Childcare Beijing, China 'The greatest joy is to realize my value.' More

  • Carla

    Manufacturing São Paulo, Brazil 'The real impact occurred when I finished writing this plan and could finally see the growth potential of my business. ' More

  • Christine

    Beauty School Monrovia, Liberia 'As a result of the business and management education I received, I made many improvements to my business, my life and the lives of others.' More

  • Christine

    Restaurant Management Monrovia, Liberia 'I am so grateful for this training - human resource management, calculating my revenues, business culture, writing a simple business plan — I am so grateful for that.' More

  • Christine

    Winemaking Kigali, Rwanda '10,000 Women has taught me concepts I had never considered before.' More

  • Ciiru

    Children's Furniture Nairobi, Kenya 'I’m most proud of the fact that I dared to do this. I dared to dream. And I didn’t just dream, I woke up and I said I can do this against all the odds.' More

  • Detoun

    Human Resources Lagos, Nigeria 'Investing in others has far reaching rewards. I believe we can transform our nation.' More

  • Dipali

    Handloom Textile Industry Hyderabad, India 'The program has helped me to uncover bottlenecks in my business and also to revisit my business strategy.' More

  • Divya

    Printing Hyderabad, India 'Every woman has the power to change the social, economic, cultural, and political scenario, if only she has faith in herself.' More

  • Esnart

    Education Samfya, Zambia 'If we can enroll vulnerable children in school early, it will help prepare them to make something of their lives in the future.' More

  • Evania

    Gardening Tools São Paulo, Brazil 'I went in there a woman with initiative, but I came out a businesswoman.' More

  • Fatema

    Carpentry Kabul, Afghanistan 'I believe that economic prosperity contributes to gender equality as more and more benefit directly from allowing women to work outside the walls of the family compound.' More

  • Fatima

    Construction Kabul, Afghanistan 'The 10,000 Women program is a wonderful program around the world and this is the one that opened our minds to the business world. I am honored that I am one of students of this program. I appreciate this business training program and I am sure those who passed this program.' More

  • Fresky

    Commercial Transportation Nairobi, Kenya '10,000 Women made me realize that I am an infant in business, that there was much more I could do to utilize my full potential.' More

  • Gircilene

    Corporate Catering Belo Horizonte, Brazil 'Today I stand on the shoulders of my courageous mother, and hope my daughter and others will stand on mine.' More

  • Ibironke

    Technology Lagos, Nigeria 'Never work too hard as the reward for hard work is more work…….WORK SMART!' More

  • Immaculee

    Brick Manufacturing Kigali, Rwanda 'I credit 10,000 Women for helping make my business more successful.' More

  • Janet

    Bottled Water Nairobi, Kenya 'This business is everything to me. Everything I am doing today, I am doing for my children.' More

  • Joy

    Herbs Manila, Philippines 'Because of my 10,000 Women experience, DS Pinoy is well on its way to being known as a popular brand.' More

  • Juan

    Household Goods Hangzhou, China 'The 10,000 Women program gave me the confidence and capability to achieve what I have today. I was able to take action, produce high quality products, develop my own brands and contribute my part to build a better society.' More

  • Jun

    Ethnic Art Crafts Yunnan, China 'In the 10,000 Women program, I learned how to operate my business more efficiently, by hiring more staff and delegating some of my responsibilities.' More

  • Kabeh

    African Cooking Oils Monrovia, Liberia 'If you train one woman like the 10,000 Women trained me, you train a nation.' More

  • Kalyani

    Manufacturer of Organic Ayurvedic personal care products Hyderabad, India 'Successful business is all about integrity and aiming to make a positive social impact. If we believe in something, we need to strive to achieve it without compromising on our ethical values. If we do that, growth will follow.' More

  • Laila

    Beauty Salon Kabul, Afghanistan 'The knowledge I have gained in terms of competitive advantage, market analysis, pricing, and financial statements through the 10,000 Women program has been critical in allowing me to write a comprehensive business plan.' More

  • Linlin

    Early Childhood Education Beijing, China '10,000 Women taught me the fundamentals of business management. It also helped me become braver and more confident.' More

  • Liu

    Custom Shoes Beijing, China 'The advisors of this program could read our minds. They know about the problems every businesswoman faces and what kind of solution they need.' More

  • Lucy

    Manufacturing Paper Products Nairobi, Kenya 'I’m proud that I’m able to create employment for our youth and our women. Now I’m working with other mothers and mentoring them on how to start their small businesses.' More

  • Madhu

    Designer Bengaluru, India 'Entrepreneurship is all about perseverance, about believing enough to withstand anything and everything that comes your way. If you enjoy what you do, the journey will be fun. There is no shortcut to success.' More

  • Malalay

    Textiles Kabul, Afghanistan 'The 10,000 Women program taught me the leadership, business management, networking, finance and marketing skills needed to succeed.' More

  • Mamatha

    Water Tank Cleaning Hyderabad, India 'My annual revenue is expected to grow by 30% and I am planning to add another five employees to my team.' More

  • Mary

    Construction Hardware Nairobi, Kenya 'Now I know, with the 10,000 Women training and continued support, the sky is no longer the limit!' More

  • Mona

    Publishing Cairo, Egypt 'With perseverance and hard work one can always reach higher goals. And with success, one should never forget to contribute to the development of his society.' More

  • Nora

    Printing and Publishing Cairo, Egypt 'Women have the power inside them, and they give life to everything around them.' More

  • Noramay

    Industrial Gases Manila, Philippines 'Before, I ran my business through gut feeling and intuition, but now I run my business by planning, strategizing, delegating and effective decision making. Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women has armed me to become a better woman entrepreneur.' More

  • Ojoma

    Architecture Lagos, Nigeria 'Suddenly it hit me — it wasn't enough to be at the top of the game professionally, I had to have business intelligence to achieve the vision we had in mind.' More

  • Penelope

    Technology Samfya, Zambia 'I am very happy with my achievements, including winning the Goldman Sachs-Fortune Global Women Leaders Award in 2009.' More

  • Petronella

    Microfinance Samfya, Zambia 'The experience from this program, challenges and success make me realize how important it is to have a dream and to strive towards it, especially when you are helping others.' More

  • Placidie

    Tailoring and Décor Kigali, Rwanda 'It was a miracle I survived [the genocide]. It must have been a reason, a purpose.' More

  • Priviledge

    Accessories Samfya, Zambia 'My team can approach anyone in our community and offer them our bags, and we do this fearlessly.' More

  • Anastasie

    Furniture Kigali, Rwanda 'Invest in yourself and your future.' More

  • Rasha

    Authentic Egyptian Art Production Cairo, Egypt 'I am very passionate about the 10,000 Women program and I am forever grateful for the chance I got to learn and grow. ' More

  • Reem

    Tourism Cairo, Egypt 'When experience and education are combined, the highest levels of success can be reached. I am thankful I got this from 10,000 Women.' More

  • Rosana

    Steel Product Manufacturing Belo Horizonte, Brazil 'I started putting together my intuition and the management techniques I've learned during classes. To me this was perfect, to join my will to grow with the knowledge acquired in 10,000 Women.' More

  • Rosani

    Manufacturing Sete Lagoas, Brazil 'I feel privileged, transformed, enabled, optimistic, and I have big, but achievable, plans of growth. ' More

  • Saida

    Corporate Cleaning Services Cairo, Egypt 'The program is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is perfect for women who dare to dream and pursue their dreams.' More

  • Sandhya

    Design Hyderabad, India 'Since graduation, I continue to hire more contractors for my business, my revenue has increased significantly and I am entering new business partnerships.' More

  • Sarvamangala

    Women's Apparel Hyderabad, India 'I have learned that it is important to step away from your business and to learn from mistakes.' More

  • Seema

    Interior Designer Delhi, India 'Break barriers of fear to emerge victorious' More

  • Shah

    Interior Design Islamabad, Pakistan '10,000 Women gave me vision, self-confidence, creativity, self-control and courage, which has allowed me to fulfill my entrepreneurship dream.' More

  • Shama

    Energy Efficient Window and Door Design and Manufacturing Pune, India '10,000 Women helped me to delegate my work and better manage my staff. Since graduating from the program, I’ve increased the efficiency of my business by following a clear plan to achieve positive results. ' More

  • Sharmila

    Manufacturing Hyderabad, India 'The 10,000 Women program gave me the requisite skills I needed to take my business to the next level.' More

  • She

    Technology Beijing, China 'I found many friends who share the same ambition, we all have a dream and we come together. We share the difficulties as well as the happiness and gains.' More

  • Shonoiki

    Animal Nutrition Lagos, Nigeria 'As entrepreneurs, we like to run with our ideas before blinking but a well thought out business plan is a necessary tool that almost always guarantees success.' More

  • Shweta

    Auto components machining Pune, India 'Entrepreneurship is nothing but converting your idea into an amazing balance sheet!' More

  • Tatiana

    Furniture Manufacturing Belo Horizonte, Brazil 'I have found the inner strength and security that I needed in order to engage in certain initiatives. And with the program, I've gained more trust in myself.' More

  • Teodora

    Security Systems Manila, Philippines 'Because of 10,000 Women, I am confident that I will be able to continuously improve my current business operations while exploring more product offerings in the next few years.' More

  • Varsha

    Fashion Design Hyderabad, India 'I have grown my business by entering a niche market and starting a new brand, "Jus Blouses". I have also streamlined my business and developed a new strategy.' More

  • Victoria

    Design and Printing Nairobi, Kenya 'I shall forever be grateful for the 10,000 Women program at USIU. ' More

  • Xiaoxin

    Hand-painted Canvas Shoes Hangzhou, China 'With the tools I learned from 10,000 Women, I will continue to drive our company to help everyone find their own unique style and passion. ' More

  • Xiaoyan

    Manufacturing Changshu, China 'I was amazed by the program courses, our faculty from Tsinghua and HEC, and my classmates. Thanks to the 10,000 Women program, it was an unforgettable experience. ' More

  • Xiuping

    Hearing Aid Devices Hangzhou, China 'In the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women program, I learned how to write a strategic business plan that helped me access the financing I needed.' More

  • Yuan

    Clothing Tianjin, China 'I was inspired by my fellow women entrepreneurs’ courage, strong will, excellent leadership, and ambition through this program. I am very proud to be one of 10,000 Women. ' More

  • Zhang

    Fashion Design Beijing, China 'I can tell my child when she grows up that her mom had tried every effort to pursue her dream.' More