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Lagos, Nigeria

INITS Limited
partner school
Pan-Atlantic University
Never work too hard as the reward for hard work is more work…….WORK SMART!

Business Overview

INITS Limited is an information communication technology firm involved mainly in software development and web applications. In July 2009, we went into partnership with another company with strengths in software development in order to position INITS to attract higher valued clients


After the partnership, the major challenges we experienced included proper record keeping and mobilizing capital to finance our software development. Unlike website designing, where we received deposits for new contracts, we had to invest our meager resources over a long period of time.

As we took on bigger jobs, our working capital requirement also increased. The banks found it difficult to finance our business without collateral.


I have learned that expansion must be carefully planned. Even with the best thought out plan, there have been many surprises and 10,000 Women has prepared me to tackle these challenges head on.

I have found that my new network and the support services offered by 10,000 Women have made all the difference between success and failure.

Since graduating from the 10,000 Women program, our revenue increased by 40% in one year and has since grown more than 200%. Correspondingly, our staff strength has increased from five to 12.

We are completing construction on a new office and the office is quickly becoming the office of our dreams.

Future Goals

We hope to complete and move into our new office this year. A modest building, it will nonetheless ensure that our objective of working in a professional environment is met. In addition to contracted projects, we hope to develop our own products, which will completely change our business model. We are confident that we will be able to project income more accurately with this business development.