Meet the Women


Nairobi, Kenya

Commercial Transportation
Ravina Agencies Ltd
partner school
United States International University
10,000 Women made me realize that I am an infant in business, that there was much more I could do to utilize my full potential.

Business Overview

Ravina Agencies Company transports petroleum products including white oils, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and lubricants. We transport products from Mombasa to Nairobi, Kisumu to Eldoret and Kisumu to Kampala, Uganda.

I established Ravina Agencies in 2004 to take advantage of the huge business potential in transportation of petroleum products. I started with one new truck and was able to obtain a contract from Kenol/Kobil.


My business challenges include preventing theft by employees, poor security on roads, and corruption. I also frequently have to operate under capacity due to our dependence on one customer.


Through 10,000 Women, I have learned the importance of meeting all legal requirements, the critical role that employees play in the success of a business, and that systems are important to run a business efficiently.

Since graduating from 10,000 Women, I have taken a loan to help finance nine new trucks and have hired 16 new employees. My monthly revenues have increased by 90%. I have expanded my business route to Uganda and added transport of LPG gas cylinders. Recently, I have ordered a gas taker for bulk gas delivery and have diversified my business to include waste management.

I have made many significant changes to my business including purchasing insurance to protect my workers and goods, implementing a performance and reward system for employees, and formalizing my accounting systems.

Future Goals

My future plans include adding bulk transportation capabilities, expanding my fleet of large trucks, and penetrating the entire East Africa region. I also plan to become a petroleum dealer in the future.