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Hyderabad, India

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Indian School of Business
Every woman has the power to change the social, economic, cultural, and political scenario, if only she has faith in herself.

Business Overview

I am the owner of Krishna Printernational, a firm engaged in manufacturing self adhesive labels for the Pharmaceutical, Airline, and Consumer Durables industries. We strive to produce quality products and the company has received the national award for excellence in printing by the President of India.


Krishna Printernational manufactures self adhesive labels and provides customized labeling solutions to industrial companies. The business was founded by my father 36 years ago and in 2008, I took over the company to prevent it from closing and have since instituted many changes. When I took over the company, I did not have the business skills or confidence to allow it to reach its potential. It was difficult to transform a long standing traditional family run business into a productive modern enterprise.


Most importantly, I have hired and promoted women employees, which is unusual in this traditionally male dominated industry. Previously, the company did not employ a single woman and I have broken down barriers and hired and promoted many women as machine operators. I have also purchased new equipment, attracted new clients, built a website, renovated our antiquated facilities and instituted generous benefit policies for employees, including two months paid maternity leave.

As a result of these efforts, my business revenues have grown by over 100% per annum and the number of employees has increased by 25%.

10,000 Women helped me change my finance practices, track sales and inventory better, and strengthen my negotiation skills.

Along with classmates from the 10,000 Women program, I founded an organization called "Fragrance" that promotes volunteerism in disadvantaged local communities.

Future Goals 

Moving forward, I want to experience business growth of around 70-80% each year. I hope to be the preferred vendor for my customers by meeting their expectations in each interaction. I also hope to generate more employment and ensure my employees' growth by providing them a better standard of living. Increasingly, I want to employ more women and make them independent.