Meet the Women


Kigali, Rwanda

partner school
William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan
10,000 Women has taught me concepts I had never considered before.

Business Overview

In 2004, I started a business making wine from bananas. I currently have 40 employees and I produce one type of banana wine. I plan to roll out five more varieties over the next year. I would like to triple the size of my workforce over the next two years.


In order to expand my business, I need to purchase new equipment. I plan to apply for a loan and if it is approved, I will use the loan to buy new machinery.


10,000 Women has taught me concepts I had never considered before. For example, employees used to pick up jobs themselves. Now, employees are assigned tasks and they know exactly what they are expected to do. This has created a more effective work force.

I now keep better accounts of my stock, sales, expenses and expected revenue. In an effort to give back to my employees, I took what I have learned through 10,000 Women and trained my management staff. The cooperative also supports the local schools. I understand the value of education and how expensive it can be pay for the school fees.

Future Goals

For the next few years, I will work on securing the market in Kenya, Uganda and South Africa. And, I have even bigger dreams — one day I hope that people in the United States will be able to buy my banana wine.