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Beijing, China

Beijing Fengtai Yixin Art Kindergarten
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Tsinghua SEM
The greatest joy is to realize my value.

Business Overview

My kindergarten - Beijing Fengtai Yixin Art Kindergarten - was founded in June 2004. We currently have over 300 kids, ranging in age from two to six years. We have an excellent staff of 55 and first class facilities, including a large outdoor playground.

The kindergarten was my mother's dream. My mother was born in the countryside and had never been to school. But she had an entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to run a business of her own. She encountered a lot of difficulties when she first set out, partly because she was not educated. Together, we were able to raise funding and founded this kindergarten.

Since then, I have taken over the management of the kindergarten from my mother. She expects me to find my own way to develop it and bring it to the next level. 10,000 Women has given me that opportunity.


Aside from balancing a family and a career, my biggest challenges were team building and learning how to best differentiate my kindergarten and to advance the education it provides. The latter two challenges are the key factors for future development.


I have gained a lot of knowledge which has greatly benefited my work. After studying strategic planning, I learned how to find the shortcomings of my kindergarten by comparing it with other kindergartens, including those smaller than my own.

In terms of daily operation and management, I have refined the working process of each part of my kindergarten.

I am pleased to say that the number of our students has increased from 300 to 370 this year. Accordingly, the number of staff has also increased. We have hired both retired and previously unemployed people as well as people with disabilities.

Future Goals 

Our goal is to go from one kindergarten to a chain of kindergartens. I hope our emphasis on teaching the importance of societal contributions becomes integrated into every kindergarten class we create. In my view, this is most important.