Meet the Alumni

Rosalie Safier

Long Island City, NY

Manufacturing/Moving Equipment
Year founded
National Van Equipment Company
Partner College
LaGuardia Community College
Having Goldman Sachs educate and advise me has been a very positive thing at a very stressful time.

Business Overview

Rosalie co-owns a family business with her husband that manufactures moving blankets from reclaimed fibers and textile mill closeouts. National Van Equipment Co. is one of the last moving equipment supply companies to primarily source and produce its products in the United States, according to Rosalie.


Before beginning the program, Rosalie identified the slow business environment, sourcing new products, and a lack of time to "hit the streets and acquire new customers" as her primary challenges


Since starting classes, Rosalie has reported an uptick in sales, due to newly-found confidence to meet with potential new clients, which resulted in new business contracts and the skills to diversity her business.

The increased sales have allowed Rosalie to bring idle machines in the factory back online as well as hire two new employees and rehire three others.