Meet the Alumni

Meet Nick [2:27]

Nick Evans

Salt Lake City, UT

Year founded
Bartile Roofs inc.
Partner College
Salt Lake Community College
" 10,000 Small Businesses gave me the tools to grow my business in an atmosphere that was perfect for a small business owner. It was everything I wanted out of an MBA without all the things that I didn’t need. The time commitment and curriculum fit my needs perfectly. "

Business Overview

Bartile is a 3rd generation family owned business that manufacturers and sells custom concrete roofing tile nationwide. 


Nick’s challenge, when he joined the program, was to scale his business to handle steady growth while maintaining the quality and custom nature of his products.


Since completing the program, Nick has streamlined operations to optimize productivity and quality. By following the growth plan he created in the program, Bartile is poised to add distributors nationwide, grow revenue and add more jobs.