Meet the Alumni

Meet Georgette [3:01]


Georgette Powell

Los Angeles, CA

Food Service/Restaurants
Year founded
Mel's Fish Shack
Partner College
Los Angeles City College
" I think it's important that the resources Goldman Sachs is offering are delivered to everyone. I really appreciate the diversity of our class. "

Business Overview

Georgette owns a 28-year-old fish restaurant, which she took over from her father after his death in 2001. She views the business not just as an establishment that sells quality food, but as a pillar of the community as well, given its active involvement in charitable activities.

“One thing about this business that I really, really love is how important it is to the generations of families that we’ve fed over the years,” says Georgette.


Georgette applied to the program to gain insight from educators and mentors, and access to capital to help grow and sustain her business.

“Even with the market crashing and the economy in a downward spiral, I’ve always felt that there was an answer,” Georgette says. “When I read about the program, it gave me the motivation to want to fight again.”


After just one day, Georgette was energized: “I finally felt like I was in the room with people who cared, people who knew what they were doing, and were serious about it.”