Meet the Alumni

Fred Johring

Long Beach, CA

Year founded
Golden State Express, Inc.
Partner College
Long Beach City College
I applied for the program because I spent years being a stagnant company and needed help. With the training I got through the program, I was able to put together a five-year plan.

Business Overview

Fred is the President of a green trucking company, which services the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. The company has upgraded to ‘green’ trucks and has invested in other equipment to more efficiently serve its import and export clients.


Fred applied to the program to jump-start his business growth after several flat years. Thanks to the program, he developed the financial tools, organizational and culture know-how, and concrete growth plan needed to pursue capital to grow further. Through the program, Fred restructured his company’s finances to fully demonstrate his credit worthiness and also focused on optimizing his capacity to keep up with growing demand.


Since starting the program in August 2010, Fred has hired 17 new full-time employees and increased revenues by 28%