Why Goldman Sachs?
Training and Orientation

At Goldman Sachs, we recognize that learning is a competitive advantage, and we are committed to helping our people reach the peak of their capabilities.

We created Goldman Sachs University to help our people grow professionally – starting with their orientation and integration into the firm and continuing with ongoing development over the course of their careers. Each year, over 98% of our employees attend one or more GSU programs.


You become part of the Goldman Sachs team from the moment you accept an offer of employment. To reflect this, your orientation starts well before your first day in the office. New hires are given access to online resources to help them get to know the firm. Each month, we send out a communication highlighting the same information that is sent to our employees. This enables pre-hires to begin to understand the culture, the activities and the expectations associated with working at Goldman Sachs. We also encourage managers to reach out to new hires prior to their start dates.

As part of our onboarding process, new hires spend time with our senior leaders, both in formal training programs such as “Symposium” and “Firmwide Analyst and Associate Orientation” and more informally through meetings, projects and daily interactions. This process accelerates their integration into the firm, and provides senior management an opportunity to get to know new hires.

Additionally, our integration programs provide new hires with resources and events to help them better understand our culture, our people and our businesses.

All our new employees and interns attend our ‘Day One Orientation’, a firmwide program to introduce our culture, history, business principles and core values. This is followed by the ‘First 100 days’ email program, which consists of an email each week for the first 16 weeks of employment. These emails cover topics such as technology, available resources, GSU training, compliance, Wellness programs, and diversity in a concise format, with additional information available on line.

Continuing Education

Goldman Sachs University (GSU), our internal training and development function, offers courses to help you at each stage of your career. GSU programs cover leadership development, products and markets training, diversity and inclusion, culture and orientation, and professional skills.

Leading experts from within and outside the firm teach many of our more than 4,000 programs. You can take a course in various formats (classroom, Webcast, e-learning), depending on how much time you have and how much you need to know.

Through our personalized, online curriculum roadmaps, you’ll find the courses our leaders recommend for people in your role. These core curricula are designed to help you advance your skills within current and new areas of responsibilities.

Our tailored roadmaps allow you to be proactive, to invest in your own development and to take part in the extensive training opportunities the firm has to offer. Your roadmap will be tailored to your business, region and location as well as your personal goals.

As part of our commitment to training many divisions ask that their people meet a minimum 10-hour annual continuing educational goal, and 20 hours is the ideal. Your training is included as part of your annual performance review to help us ensure that both the team’s and your individual goals are met.

Knowledge Share

A deep understanding of our products and markets is critical to our ability to innovate and create new solutions. One of the aims of GSU is to systematically and quickly make available the best ideas and products from one area of the firm across the whole organization.

Our Products and Markets programs are designed to help you understand the capital markets and the products we offer, learn to recognize appropriate applications for new products and demonstrate how to implement complex strategies with clients.

The GSU Business Series also forms part of our commitment to knowledge sharing and features speakers from across our businesses. This series, through regular presentations, helps our people better understand our business objectives and opportunities.

Alongside this, Goldman Sachs' Talks at GS speaker series regularly invites leading thinkers from a broad range of backgrounds to share their views and expertise.


We offer opportunities for leadership development at every level: from entry-level employees to experienced Managing Directors.

Our curriculum is based on the latest theories from leading authors and management professionals. Each course is designed with the Goldman Sachs environment – and the challenges our leaders face – in mind.

We have also established a leadership academy for our global senior management, called “Pine Street.” Pine Street focuses on developing the firm’s future leaders through a program of executive coaching, leadership acceleration initiatives, topical roundtables and master classes.

Pine Street also offers one-on-one sessions for managing directors and partners hired laterally into the firm. These sessions support new leaders overcome common challenges faced in their first 30-60-90 days at the firm.

Personal Professional Development

At Goldman Sachs, we believe you should be in control of your own learning and career development. This includes performance reviews and professional development planning.

Every employee has an annual 360-degree performance review, taking in a self-assessment and feedback from a diverse group of colleagues.

To help you get the most from this process GSU offers programs and resources to guide you through your review and help you review your colleagues more effectively.

Your Professional Development Plan (PDP) includes all your development needs and the actions that will help you meet them; whether through formal/informal training, work assignments, special projects, mentoring or committee participation. This plan is then reviewed over the year to make sure your goals are being met.

Mentoring is a core part of our investment in personal professional development, and we run an in-house mentoring training curriculum to ensure that the program remains effective as a learning and development practice.
Goldman Sachs also offers unique programs targeted to certain populations at the firm. For instance the Women’s Career Strategies Initiative provides development opportunities for high performing Associate women across the firm.