Tushar Executive Director/Vice President, Goldman Sachs Asset Management Compliance Global Compliance Division, London

Goldman Sachs is a world-class company full of great people. It’s a place for both fresh minds and experienced hires, and there’s really no limit to what you can learn and achieve.


I studied Commerce at Symbiosis College in India, specializing in Business Administration. The curriculum was structured in a way that helped develop my analytical skills and working knowledge of the financial markets, which are both extremely relevant to my current role.

Before coming to Goldman Sachs I was working in the Compliance department of another large financial sector firm, supporting various regions in the company’s global network and developing my interest in compliance within the financial sector.

Starting Out at Goldman Sachs

Getting to work at Goldman Sachs was a dream come true, because I wanted to work for the best in the business.

I joined the Bengaluru office in the middle of the financial crisis, but that actually turned out to be a great environment to learn in and a great foundation. After two and half years I realized that I wanted to get closer to the business and understand the workings of a larger regional office. So, with the support of my manager, I found my current role in the London office.

Career Development

Every day I’m learning something, whether it’s about new products or the regulatory environment we operate in. I’ve also had the opportunity to attend numerous inspirational and informative training courses.

But it’s working with such a great team of people, achievers in their respective fields, that not only enhances my working knowledge of the industry, but helps me to develop both professionally and personally.


Teamwork’s essential, especially in this industry and in the context of sharing best practices and knowledge. In a company like Goldman Sachs where there’s such a diversity of talent, working as a team not only helps your group operate on a daily basis—it’s crucial to helping you grow together in the long run. It also facilitates networking opportunities, which in turn allows you to share information with others outside of your direct working circle.