Francisco Executive Director/Vice President, Finance and Planning Services Division, Jersey City

I was impressed by the cohesion of the Goldman Sachs team – the lack of emphasis on a traditional pyramid hierarchy.

My Work

I am part of the real estate strategy team in Corporate Services and Real Estate in the Services division. My team helps to manage the Goldman Sachs occupied real estate portfolio. We are involved in analyzing, coordinating and presenting real estate transactions for all Goldman Sachs controlled properties.

Real estate strategy is interesting because I am able to work with a team of people with different backgrounds, including architects, engineers and finance people. Additionally, because the real estate analytics team is a global team, I have been able to work closely with my colleagues in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and Asia. We coordinate information between planning, transactions, capital projects and building operations in order to perform analyses.

My Day

My current assignment is to create a five-year occupancy cost forecast for the Goldman Sachs real estate portfolio. This project forces our team to look at the underlying lease terms, utilities and real estate taxes for each property. I enjoy the opportunity to be able to think creatively and to have a role in designing a new model that will best lend itself to an accurate prediction of future costs.

The most challenging aspect of my current job is working with a global team that combines different personalities and cultures, and developing an effective communication technique.

It is rewarding to be integrated into a global team and to have projects that allow me to take different perspectives, even with similar problems. I enjoy working on a small team that manages the global real estate portfolio because it allows me to learn about many aspects of corporate real estate.

My Path

I came to Goldman Sachs through a recruiter. I have a background in structural engineering and construction management. I interviewed with other firms but had a unique interview experience at Goldman Sachs. I actually interviewed for a job more closely related with construction management. During the interview, I was asked about my career goals and interests. It came out that I was really interested in real estate strategy analysis. Recruiters at Goldman Sachs listened to my goals and motivation and ended up interviewing me for my current position at that very moment. Fortunately, I ended up in my current group in the real estate analytics team.

I was impressed by the cohesion of the Goldman Sachs team – the lack of emphasis on a traditional pyramid hierarchy. Hierarchy is replaced instead by personal ambition on the part of every member of Goldman Sachs. I could see that each individual, from the most junior-titled member to the most senior member, participated in team discussions and brought each of their skills to make for better work products.


I always wanted to explore the world of finance in conjunction with my engineering background. I did not know how that would work out, or if I would have to take an intermediate step. I feel very lucky to have been able to join the financial world at Goldman Sachs. People at Goldman Sachs are intelligent, driven, and extremely knowledgeable.

I encourage people who are interested in a career in finance to follow their interests. Finance is extremely broad and there are segments within finance that touch every industry. Another perception that I had to get over is that I would be lost in an organization as large as Goldman Sachs. It was a nice surprise to discover that the core team I ended up working for was small and run as its own business unit.