Experienced Hire

People at every stage of their careers will find opportunities in Goldman Sachs Operations. We take great pride in the professional quality of the advice and execution we provide our clients.

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We are constantly seeking creative, innovative, team-oriented colleagues who share our uncompromising determination to achieve excellence. We seek out the best professionals who are able to bring intensity and integrity, intellectual curiosity and leadership potential to our team.

We actively recruit at all experienced hire levels and have a defined Operations Career Path to provide clarity around career development and advancement opportunities. The Career Path is a piece of the overall Operations Career Framework, which is the foundation for evolving our people development strategies.

The Career Path begins at the analyst level. Beyond the analyst level, our professionals take on increased responsibilities and concentrate on specialist or management roles.

Ultimately, Operations professionals can progress to some of the most senior levels in the firm and play a vital and influential role in steering the direction of the firm, and the way its services are delivered around the world.

Specialist Roles

Technical Specialists are subject matter experts on a function and/or systems within a team. They participate in projects to design new systems or systems changes, improve current work processes, increase controls and reduce costs.

Advanced Specialists serve as point people on a function and/or systems within a team and assist with more complex, non-standard exception-based processing or queries. Advanced technical specialists also lead and participate in high-level projects to design new systems or systems changes within the department.

Manager Roles

Team Leaders coordinate a team's work assignments and balance the workload, providing day-to-day work support and assistance while still serving as hands-on contributors.

Team Managers direct the staff and resources for one or more units, functions, or processes within Operations and ensure that processes are continually reviewed and improved and that risk is managed effectively.

Senior Leaders

Department Managers direct multiple Operations processes, teams and functions, possibly across multiple geographies. The focus of the role is to effectively integrate these functions and teams, ensuring they work together to effectively advance the strategic goals of the firm and Operations.

Senior Specialists manage large projects or processes where the Firm’s reputation, client risk and P&L risks are significant concerns and may manage or sponsor a number of such projects simultaneously. Senior specialists may represent the firm in industry committees or other external bodies as well as managing key vendor or third party relationships.

Group Managers are members of Operations senior leadership and direct multiple departments, typically across multiple geographies. Group Managers ensure that the diverse departments and functions within Operations are strategically integrated and appropriately reflect the long-term goals of the firm and the division, typically looking out five or more years into the future.