Investment Management

New analysts in the Investment Management Division participate in the GS Experience designed to give you the skills, connections and continuous learning to fast-track your career.

GS Experience

Through a holistic framework called the GS Experience, you will be introduced to the firm’s heritage and culture and have an opportunity to develop a robust, transferable skillset.  Prior to joining the firm, you will build a strong foundation and elevate your technical expertise through an online learning platform, Jumpstart Your Learning. Upon joining, you will participate in firmwide and division-specific orientation programs and networking opportunities to support your continued professional development. A multi-channel experience builds upon orientation and addresses your individual needs, interests and business acumen. Beyond formal education, programs are offered that support continuous learning. As a new analyst, you will also have opportunities to connect and collaborate with colleagues across the firm, as well as meaningful access to thought-leaders through an active sponsorship model. Throughout your onboarding and integration, senior leadership will also play a critical role in providing guidance and mentorship to help you succeed. 

IMD Analyst Experience

As a new analyst in the Investment Management Division, you will have the opportunity to be part of a dynamic culture that values innovation.

You will participate in a six-week accelerated orientation program, where you will learn about the division and our core investment solutions, while developing a strong transferable skillset. The technically rigorous training program leverages a variety of learning vehicles (case studies, webinars, ongoing assessments, etc.) to elevate your products and markets expertise.

The program will enable you to establish a valuable network throughout the division globally, become part of a team and make an impact. Senior sponsors from the division participate extensively in the experience to contextualize the learning while providing thoughtful career advice. 

To maintain and build upon the foundation established during the orientation, our continuing education strategy includes class regroups (regionally and globally), webinars, coaching and investment projects to help refine your technical competency and promote connectivity and collaboration across your class.

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