Investment Banking

New analysts in the Investment Banking Division (IBD) participate in the GS Experience designed to give you the skills, connections and continuous learning to fast-track your career. 

GS Experience

Through a holistic framework called the GS Experience, you will be introduced to the firm’s heritage and culture and have an opportunity to develop a robust, transferable skillset. Prior to joining the firm, you will build a strong foundation and elevate your technical expertise through an online learning platform, Jumpstart Your Learning. Upon joining, you will participate in firmwide and division-specific orientation programs and networking opportunities to support your continued professional development. A multi-channel experience builds upon orientation and addresses your individual needs, interests and business acumen. Beyond formal education, programs are offered that support continuous learning. As a new analyst, you will also have opportunities to connect and collaborate with colleagues across the firm, as well as meaningful access to thought-leaders through an active sponsorship model. Throughout your onboarding and integration, senior leadership will also play a critical role in providing guidance and mentorship to help you succeed. 


We recruit analysts from universities globally. Analysts play a critical role within our transaction teams, running analyses of valuations and helping to execute complex transactions across all of our business areas.

The new analyst experience is about meeting challenges, developing financial tool sets, and engaging in ongoing learning through interaction with clients, working with a mentor, receiving performance reviews and having opportunities to travel.


IBD has a strong commitment to the education and professional development of all of its employees. The training offered is a mix of formal training opportunities from Goldman Sachs University (GSU) and intensive and rich on-the-job training from your group and team members. As a new analyst, you will begin your IBD experience as a participant in the IBD New Banker Training program. The IBD New Banker Training program aims to provide a strong foundation of financial theory balanced with practical application, allowing you to build competence and confidence. The comprehensive six-week training program covers the fundamentals of accounting and financial statement analysis and goes in-depth into modeling and corporate valuation. At the conclusion of the program, you will participate in an M&A case study that will culminate in you presenting your work to a senior banker. In addition to the technical content, during the six weeks you will also learn about the different parts of IBD including its leaders, history, strategy, culture and products. Building relationships and networking with your global IBD analyst class is also a key objective of this comprehensive training program. Lastly, most analysts participate in several days of group/product specific training once they hit the desk.

After the formal New Banker Training program ends, GSU offers a wide-ranging continuing education curriculum that refreshes and expands the skills you acquired during New Banker Training. These courses also supplement your on-the-job learning. Offered both live and online, these courses review and enhance technical skills, broaden your understanding of financial products and markets and help you build your professional and communication skills. The IBD e-Learning Center contains over 120 e-learning modules that provide a flexible way for you to refine your skills based on your pace and schedule.
As a new analyst, you will have the advantage of all of these training resources to leverage your current skills and develop a broader knowledge of concepts, practices and applications that will enable you to excel in your current position and advance your career at Goldman Sachs.


Strong analysts are invited to pursue a multitude of opportunities, both within Investment Banking as well as elsewhere across different regions or divisions within the firm. We view the analyst position as a major pipeline to the associate position within the Investment Banking Division and across the firm.


Upon joining Goldman Sachs, all New Analysts undertake both firmwide and divisional orientation. In the Investment Banking Division a specially designed New Banker Training Program teaches all new team members the fundamentals of accounting and financial statement analysis and goes in-depth into modeling and corporate valuation.

Following training you will be ready to start your career in Investment Banking. Typically a New Analyst might help with project work, develop and prepare marketing presentations, analyze client equity and fixed income portfolios, research current trends and assist with trading and offer general client service and team support.

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