New analysts in the Finance Division participate in the GS Experience designed to give you the skills, connections and continuous learning to fast-track your career.

GS Experience

Through a holistic framework called the GS Experience, you will be introduced to the firm’s heritage and culture and have an opportunity to develop a robust, transferable skillset. Prior to joining the firm, you will build a strong foundation and elevate your technical expertise through an online learning platform, Jumpstart Your Learning. Upon joining, you will participate in firmwide and division-specific orientation programs and networking opportunities to support your continued professional development. A multi-channel experience builds upon orientation and addresses your individual needs, interests and business acumen. Beyond formal education, programs are offered that support continuous learning. As a new analyst, you will also have opportunities to connect and collaborate with colleagues across the firm, as well as meaningful access to thought-leaders through an active sponsorship model. Throughout your onboarding and integration, senior leadership will also play a critical role in providing guidance and mentorship to help you succeed. 


The Analyst Experience allows you to play a vital and influential role in delivering the division’s business management capabilities to the wider firm, and in maintaining the firm’s market-leading position and reputation. You will join a close-knit and highly professional team in one of Finance’s many departments where you will soon take on responsibility and begin impacting the business of the firm and our clients. Within Finance, analysts perform a wide variety of functions and take on responsibilities specific to one of the following departments:

  • The Controllers group is responsible for safeguarding the firm's assets to maintain the integrity of Goldman Sachs' finances and expenditures.
  • The Tax teams work in offices around the world to ensure that the Firm complies with the tax laws of the countries in which we do business.
  • Corporate Treasury manages the firm’s liquidity, secured and unsecured funding programs, as well as the level and composition of its consolidated and subsidiary level equity capital.
  • Credit Risk Management and Advisory protects the firm's capital against potential counterparty defaults and advises clients on credit ratings.
  • Market Risk Management and Analysis measures, analyzes and controls the market risk of the firm globally.
  • Operational Risk Management and Analysis focuses on the development of risk assessment frameworks that identify, measure, monitor and manage risk exposures.
  • Firmwide Strategy develops and executes long-term strategic plans.
  • Goldman Sachs Bank USA engages in a number of business activities unique to the Bank, and conducts a number of key Goldman Sachs trading businesses and lending activities.

You may also have an opportunity to experience a variety of roles and to work in offices around the world, including Bengaluru, London, New York, and Salt Lake City.


Your career in Goldman Sachs Finance will begin with our Analyst Program. The Analyst Program kicks off with the Global Analyst Orientation geared to provide a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and relationship building opportunities and is followed by a series of continuing education sessions.

Global Analyst Orientation: Provides an overview of Finance and the division’s impact on the firm’s businesses through a mix of presentations, team exercises, interactive case studies and experiential learning. The focus is on the following core competencies critical to success as a Finance analyst:

  • Products & Markets
  • Financial Analytics and Reporting
  • Risk Management
  • Project Management
  • Leadership and Professional Development

Examples of the ‘core’ curriculum include:

  • Technical Expertise sessions on the capital markets, risk management and accounting
  • Professional Development sessions on communicating, negotiating, presenting and managing relationships
  • Leadership Development sessions on career development and self-management

After completing the ‘core’ curriculum, you will participate in specific technical skill-building ‘tracks’ depending on your role in Finance after the program.  A range of skill-development focus from problem solving and analytics to risk management and capital markets intensives to data modeling and valuation will depend on the Finance function to which you are aligned.

Analyst Learning Series: After completing the Orientation program, you will continue to benefit from ongoing support and development opportunities through a series of continuing education sessions. These sessions are designed to build the necessary technical and professional skills, knowledge and behaviors within each step in the Finance career path.  


In addition to your analyst orientation and continuing education, new analysts participate in formal mentoring and networking events, and receive ongoing exposure to multiple disciplines through targeted developmental assignments. New analysts are exposed to senior Finance professionals who will help guide them in their development. These professionals will provide on-the-job experiences and business unit specific curricula that will supplement the formal continuing education and provide the building blocks to promote career growth as a new analyst in Finance. Support for studies for professional designations (i.e. CPA, CFA) is also available.

Ultimately, Finance professionals can aspire to some of the most senior levels in the firm and play a vital and influential role in steering the direction of the firm and the way its services are delivered around the world.

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