Pre-University Programs

A-Level Programs

These London based programs introduce female students to the investment banking industry and the variety of internship opportunities open to them at Goldman Sachs. Through tailor-made sessions including introductory presentations, interactive case studies and skills-based learning, students will benefit from meeting with industry professionals to learn more about the unique culture and career opportunities the firm has to offer.

University & Business School Programs

Success in the City Event Series

This series of London based events introduces students with no prior knowledge of investment banking to the key business areas of our firm through presentations and interactive sessions. The schedule is tailor-made to allow participants to network with industry professionals and explore the diversity and culture of the firm. Each program is hosted by one of our affinity networks.

Goldman Sachs Women’s Events

Each year we host a series of events for female students considering a career in the industry. These take a variety of forms and include on-campus breakfasts and dinners, as well as events held at the Goldman Sachs office. For further information, please visit our Events page.

Our Diversity Partners

We partner with numerous external diversity organizations that focus on career development and advancement. Working together we aim to promote diversity to a wider audience.

Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO)

SEO London works with leading City banks to support top-calibre undergraduates from ethnic minority backgrounds hiring to gain summer internships in the UK financial industry. SEO provides extensive training, mentoring, and networking services, linking students not only to the firm that they work for, but also to opportunities and experienced professionals throughout the financial services industry. Goldman Sachs has partnered with SEO London since they were founded in 2001 and supports SEO interns on an annual basis. For more information and to apply, please visit SEO’s website:


The Goldman Sachs EmployAbility Programme gives UK based disabled* students the opportunity to obtain invaluable internships or work placements and gain an insight into the industry. Successful candidates are offered disability related adjustments where relevant and completely integrated into every aspect of their respective divisional programme. For more information and to apply, please visit EmployAbility’s website:

    *Disability includes: dyslexia, dyspraxia, any other disability, long term illness or mental health condition.

Here is our current roster of partnerships:

AC Company
Bright Network
The Brokerage
Career Academies UK
Employers’ Forum on Disability
Opportunity Now
Pure Potential
Race for Opportunity
Rare Recruitment
Sponsors for Educational Opportunity
Teach First