Diversity Initiatives

Asia Disability Interest Forum

The Asia Disability Interest Forum aims to create an inclusive environment that is accessible to current and future employees, clients, candidates, and guests with disabilities. The Forum focuses on five key areas: communication and awareness, accessibility and accommodation, recruiting and on-boarding, mobility and career pathing, and resources for caregivers of people with disabilities.

Firmwide Women’s Networks

Present in each of our major offices in Asia Pacific, our Women’s Networks aim to recruit, retain and develop female professionals. The networks host events throughout the year, with one highlight being the annual Women’s Network Conference utilizing Goldman Sachs leaders and external experts.
Working with the Women’s Network, our campus recruiting teams host onsite recruiting events for women providing an opportunity to learn about Goldman Sachs and network with our professionals.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Networks

Our LGBT networks exist in all of our Asia Pacific offices. They aim to advocate a work environment that respects, welcomes and supports LGBT professionals, and enables them to perform to their fullest potential and contribute to the greater goals of the firm. The networks host several events throughout the year, including external speakers events, panel discussions and our annual “Q-Night”, providing a networking opportunity for LGBT professionals at an inter-company level.

Our LGBT Networks together with the campus recruiting team host recruiting events to talk with students about career opportunities and inclusion in the workplace.

Working Parent Forums

The Working Parent Forum was launched with the aim to share and leverage best practices across the firm, create a support community for working parents, and act as a forum for raising parents’ issues to senior management. The Forum focuses on topics such as schooling, fertility and adoption, and hosts events such as “Bring Your Kids to Work Day” and family-friendly picnics.

Educational and Professional Development Initiatives

To prepare our people to work effectively in an increasingly diverse and multicultural business environment, Goldman Sachs expects all employees to complete at least two hours of Diversity and Inclusion training each year.

We provide a number of programs designed to dispel myths, raise awareness, and build people management skills on topics such as working across cultures, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity, and gender communication differences.

We also host programs specifically designed for key populations such as the Women’s Career Strategies Initiatives (WCSI) for high performing female associates, which focuses on leadership, proactive career management and workplace flexibility.

Partnerships and Community Impact

Goldman Sachs partners with and sponsors several organizations that promote the personal and professional development of our people from diverse backgrounds. These organizations provide further networking, career development and potential business opportunities for our employees.

We partner with Community Business to conduct research on diversity strands such as LGBT, disability and gender equality. We also partner with Hello Work which is a Japanese governmental welfare agency to assist us in recruiting people with disabilities. Human Dynamic is an organization that Goldman Sachs work closely with in order to provide additional wellness programs and professional counseling services to our employees. Our LGBT Networks partner with local organizations to participate in LGBT Pride Parades and Festivals in various locations. Another long-term partner of ours is The Women’s Foundation which is a non profit organization that focuses on shaping the future by investing in the power and potential of women and girls.

Other example partners include:

Asian University for Women (AUW)
Association for Women in Finance, Japan (AWF)
Boys and Girls Club Association of Hong Kong (BGCA)
Child Development Center, Hong Kong
Dialogue in the Dark
Gays and Lesbians of Waseda (GLOW)
Japan Women’s Innovative Network (J-WIN)
Queer Straight Alliance, HKU (QSA)
Women in Finance, Asia (WiFA)