Hospitality Operations

Services Division, Hong Kong

“Our goal is to deliver a world-class work environment and services for the people of Goldman Sachs.”

Joined GS



Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hotel Management (BA)
Baptist University in Hong Kong
Communications (MA)


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I grew up in Hong Kong and studied hotel management at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I also have a Master’s degree in communications from Baptist University Hong Kong. Early in my career I worked in the hotel industry in Hong Kong, on catering and conferences, which led me to my current position at Goldman Sachs.

I joined Goldman Sachs in 2014 as an associate focused on hospitality operations, with responsibilities for reception, conference, and dining services. This provides a first impression of Goldman Sachs. I also help manage the internal well-being of staff as the pantry services and cafe — including services within the offices in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and Southeast Asia.

My focus is to make sure we achieve an appropriate service level within our premises. With offices outside of Hong Kong I’m really part of a virtual team working together, but I will occasionally travel, most often to Singapore. My job involves a lot of vendor management — our goal is to make sure services are delivered seamlessly and ensuring that our vendors are meeting our service level agreements.

I had the opportunity to work with Goldman Sachs team in my prior job, I saw the firm’s professionalism firsthand. I learned the firm had very high expectations and pushes its employees to deliver their best. The opportunity to always keep learning and improving was a great attraction to me.

Early in my career at the firm, I participated in Community TeamWorks with an organization that provides donated clothing and toys to people in need. In my previous jobs, community service was always seen as something you contributed to in your own time. At Goldman, it’s part of our culture.

My team is studying how we can meet the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Sustainable purchasing requirements on our food service and pantry expenditures. For example, we have provisions of coffee, milk and teabags. To meet the LEED requirement, we have to achieve 25 percent of purchases that are LEED-certified, which means fair trade, organic, or part of the rainforest alliance. Right now the coffee beans we use are fair trade, and we would like to roll this out across the region. Environmental protection is important to the firm and taking steps like these in our sourcing of provisions is one way we can help.

Our goal in the Services division is to deliver a world-class work environment and services for the people of Goldman Sachs. We always strive for better solutions and the best support we can provide to the businesses, our internal and external clients and guests. We rely on the perspectives of the entire team and our colleagues to deliver the best possible service.

For anyone joining Goldman Sachs, my advice is to be prepared for the challenge: it is a very high-spirited and energetic firm. It's also a collaborative environment where we seek consensus on decisions. The firm values having a lot of views from different people to arrive at an appropriate solution or recommendation.