Regional Market Sales

Securities Division, Hong Kong

“My goal is to think from a different perspective and deliver actionable information (to clients) that stands out.”

Joined GS



Cambridge University
Chemical Engineering


Yoga, Spinning, and Baking

I was born and raised in Hong Kong and went to school in England for eight years, including university.  I studied chemical engineering at Cambridge University and graduated in 2013 with bachelors and master’s degrees. 

I interned with Goldman Sachs in the Securities Division in Hong Kong before my final school year. During my internship, I did two rotations. The first rotation was with GSET—Goldman Sachs Electronic Trading—and the second with PIPG—Private Investors Products Group. Now I work in the macro sales team, focusing on providing asset and liability management solutions and products to multinational corporates, as well as providing structured solutions to high net worth individuals. My daily work mainly involves pricing and execution of daily foreign exchange flow transactions, interest rate derivatives and structured products.

For my engineering studies at Cambridge, I studied Physical Natural Sciences, and then moved on to Chemical Engineering. A lot of people I graduated with now work for oil rig companies or even medical or technology companies. As an engineering major I developed logical and analytical skills and a strong attention to detail, skillsets that are transferable to many aspects of work.

Before my internship at Goldman Sachs, I interned with a barrister in Hong Kong who did work in the financial services industry. My dream job—I thought—was to become a lawyer, but I realized what I really wanted was to utilize logical thinking skills. I became more interested in finance by shadowing the barrister and seeing his work in finance, but also through talking to friends in finance and by participating in a finance society at university.

During an internship, it’s a good time to develop a sense of judgment and to be inquisitive. People at the firm are very willing to help you out and to teach and guide you. Once you have shown that you are reliable, you will be given more important work, and that really helped me to get the most out of the experience. On the trading floor, everything is so fast-paced; you need to be efficient and pick things up quickly.

Every morning when I come in, I read the overnight news and talk to clients about the market-driven events for the day and how we’re thinking about them. I think what’s most intriguing about my job is how every day is so different. While I have long-term projects as well, it’s the day-to-day activities which really keep things exciting.

If a client is particularly focused on one sector or country, I will reach out proactively with the relevant information; for example, what our economists are thinking—or views from our sales team or traders—which can sometimes be different. Since our clients usually receive a lot of information on a daily basis, my goal is to think from a different perspective and deliver actionable information that stands out, and to call the clients when I feel it’s important to raise critical topics for discussion.

Outside of work, I enjoy yoga and spinning. Exercising and keeping a healthy lifestyle is something very important to me—in addition to weekend social events with my friends!