Executive Director/Vice President,
Equity Sales

Securities Division, San Francisco

“Goldman does, in my opinion, a really good job of picking great team players and then teaching them the skills they need going forward.”

Meet Matt, a vice president in Equity Sales within the Securities Division at the San Francisco office.

"My name is Matt, and I’m a vice president in Equity Sales, Securities Division San Francisco. My client base is the mutual funds, hedge funds, and institutional money out here on the west coast in San Francisco.

I was sitting in Afghanistan, I was lucky enough to be a company commander of 108 marines and sailors and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life when I grew up, and Goldman Sachs had everything I wanted. Team environment, really fast paced, dynamic, a lot would be expected of me right out of the gates.

My job is to act as an advisor to the clients based on their investment strategies whether they like technology stocks, consumer stocks, large cap, small cap- I’m going to them with ideas and saying we’ve got this company coming public or we got this great idea of a company that’s already public. We’d like to offer you a meeting with the management team or we think it’s a great investment for your portfolio. 

Every single day in securities, especially in my job in equity sales, is a different day. I wake up and I have a morning call which consists of new stock ideas and then updates on the economic front whether it’s in the US or abroad and then maybe our portfolio strategist would come on with another twist and then we’ll go out to our clients and bring that to them.

I grew up playing lacrosse back on the east coast, had the opportunity to play in college and continue to play in professional leagues following college. When the market closes on a Friday, I pack my bags literally go straight to the airport hop on to whatever city I’ve got a game in, hopefully make practice Friday night, and then end up playing in a game Saturday and back to work on Monday morning. So the firm has really allowed me to be flexible and do both.

One of the unique things about my job is I sit on a trading desk, so I sit 6 inches from my boss who’s been at the firm for 16-17 years. The moment anything comes up it’s an open dialogue and it’s that way across the Securities Division. It’s a really unbelievable and powerful thing to have. Goldman does, in my opinion, a really good job of picking great team players and then teaching them the skills they need going forward."