Managing Director,
Real Estate Credit Investing

Realty Management Division, Irving

“I think about ourselves as a center of excellence for the firm in the real estate space across multiple verticals.”

Kyle is a vice president in our Realty Management Division who is based in Irving, Texas. He explains how the real estate business has helped him become a more well-rounded professional.

The Realty Management Division is essentially a giant real estate platform. What it does is it services multiple divisions and multiple groups inside of Goldman. And it provides real estate expertise. I think about ourselves as a center of excellence for the firm in the real estate space across multiple verticals.

I’m Kyle, I’m a vice president in the Realty Management Division of Goldman Sachs.

What I do everyday is I go source, underwrite, structure and close investment strategy. I spend a lot of my daytime outward-facing, really forming relationships with dealers and brokers and other banks that we might do business with.  And then also overseeing a team and essentially assessing risk as it relates to a real estate investment. Structuring a loan for the client that meets their needs and then ultimately funding that loan. It’s a great learning experience for anyone because you get to see something from bare dirt all the way through the construction of a physical asset and then the sale to a third party.

And everybody’s got to define for themselves, “what does balance mean for me?” And so what I try to do is I try to ask myself all the time, “Are you happy?” “Do you feel balanced?” “Is there something in the office that is really critical?” “Is there something at home that’s really critical?”

I will leave work to go see my son’s soccer game and it’s something that, having been here for a long time and having kind of really earned trust with the people I work with, that its totally manageable and is something that, I think, generally that the firm supports and my manager supports as well.

Getting outside of your comfort zone is huge for professional growth and having the ability to have been in multiple parts  of our real estate business has made me more well-rounded professional. Every day is a little different. There is no daily routine in my job, which is what keeps it interesting.