Executive Director/Vice President,
Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Investment Management Division, Hong Kong

“It’s very good experience to explore new ideas and think deeply about society, culture and people.”


I was born in Nanning, Guangxi, China. I left my home to attend high school in Shanghai. I later moved to Hong Kong for my college education and while there, I spent four months in the US as an exchange student.

The Interview Process

The hardest question asked of me was “You study accounting, how could this help you as a salesman?”

Working in Asset Management

In institutional sales, we use our creativity to find the best solutions for clients based on our thorough understanding of their needs and our capabilities.

The client’s needs are usually quite unique. Through both external and internal discussions, we will leverage all the resources we have in the firm to create tailor-made solutions for them.


Working at Goldman Sachs, we have access to experts throughout the firm. So the biggest assets I have are my coworkers. It’s impossible to be a one-man-band because there are new projects every day.

I am a team player because teamwork is the most efficient way to leverage other people’s resources as well as my own. That’s how we deliver quality work.


One thing that impressed me from the start was the willingness of senior management to provide opportunities for junior team members to take on new responsibilities.


Working at Goldman Sachs is exciting and challenging. It’s exciting because I could feel I am growing and being able to assume more responsibilities everyday. It’s challenging because there’s always something you have to learn and to deal with, which is part of the growth. I love challenges, so this is extremely exiting.


Currently, I don’t have a formal mentor, but I usually turn to my seniors for advice and treat them like my mentors. I am very happy that people around me are always willing to help and give quality advice. Mentoring is an efficient way to learn. It also provides different perspectives and deeper thoughts on certain issues and topics.

Giving Back

I was a team leader for a Community TeamWorks project this year. We led team-building activities with community volunteers and helped them learn more about leadership. It was a great experience and it allowed me to meet people from all walks of life. As a non-local, my involvement added to our team’s diversity. I liked that we were able to bring the spirit of Goldman Sachs teamwork and leadership to the group.

Working Abroad

Working abroad is exciting. I see a lot of different things and meet different people. It’s very good experience to explore new ideas and think deeply about society, culture and people. The world is so closely connected that working abroad helps to communicate more efficiently with people across different regions.