Executive Director/Vice President,
Bank Loans Operations

Operations Division, New York

“… I always want to understand the why. It drives me to think and dig deeper…”

Joined GS



Trinidad and Tobago


Chemical Engineering, Concentration in Nanotechnology


Hairdressing, Traveling home

Recently, I moved back to New York and joined the bank loans Operations team after spending two years in Salt Lake City. The team offers operational support and expertise to sales and trading desks transacting in the corporate loans group, which includes bank loans, emerging markets, and capital markets teams. One of the things I enjoy most about my current role is that it gives me the opportunity to affect change management processes.

I studied chemical engineering at Howard University, with a concentration in nanotechnology. While I was a student, I worked with a professor in a major lab on campus synthesizing silver nanoparticles that would ultimately be used to treat cancer cells. I’ve brought that curiosity with me to Goldman Sachs: I always want to understand the why. It drives me to think and dig deeper.

I am now in my fifth role in five years at the firm. Goldman is large enough that I’ve been able to take on different responsibilities—in both Salt Lake City, Jersey City and New York— that have improved my skills, grown my network, and strengthened my knowledge of the firm’s core businesses. During my first internship in 2009, the role wasn’t a great fit for me, but I had a network of people who helped guide me through challenges. At the end of the summer, the feedback I received was positive, and my mentors and colleagues worked with me to find a role in the firm that I was better suited for. Throughout my time here, I have had some really great managers that have understood my skillset and paired me with the right opportunities.

In my free time I do hairdressing, either on my hair or a friend’s. I also travel home a lot because I'm really close to my family. They're back in Trinidad, and even though we video chat, nothing beats an old-fashioned hug! I like to go there and see them, so I love that Goldman has the technology that allows me to work remotely. I can dial into meetings and connect with my coworkers from the comfort of home.