Infrastructure Planning

Services Division, Jersey City

“Engineering has always seemed a natural path… when I got to Goldman Sachs, I discovered there were different ways to use my educational background.”

Joined GS

2011 and 2012


Woodbridge, New Jersey


Stevens Institute of Technology
BE, Electrical Engineering; ME, Systems Engineering;


Travel and Cruises

I am currently on the infrastructure planning team in the Services Division. My position is within the Corporate Real Estate side of the division. We help manage the strategy, reporting and governance of all engineering and infrastructure projects within our assets, and work closely with various groups such as planning, finance, facilities management, capital projects, security and technology, as well as divisional management. 

I help manage the global sustainability portfolio and our green buildings strategy. For any new offices that we have planned that are going to be LEED-certified or given an equivalent certification, we set the strategy and coordinate with a local LEED consultant to organize all the different requirements needed to meet certification. 

I interned for two years during school on the real estate team. One year I was on the infrastructure planning team, which is where I am now, but my other internship year I was in project controls, which is more on the financial side. Having that experience has really helped me in my current job. Today I coordinate with my colleagues constantly when getting a project up and running, so it’s good to have a firsthand knowledge of what their work is about.

As an undergraduate, I learned a lot about building systems and really focused on electrical engineering. My systems engineering and building systems classes had a very practical benefit during the internships and now in my role because it helps with understanding operations from an engineering perspective and to manage more effectively.

Engineering has always seemed a natural path – when I was younger, I helped my dad build a home addition – but I can never pinpoint exactly where my passion comes from. When I got to school, there were moments where I wasn’t sure it was the right choice, but at Goldman Sachs I discovered there were different ways to use my educational background. Now I’m confident I made the right decisions about my education.

I like that there are many different aspects to my role. When I get stuck with one part of a project, there’s always something else to focus on. Best of all, we have a close-knit team where everyone has an open-door policy and is incredibly friendly. People are always willing to answer questions and to encourage you through tough spots on a particular project.

I love traveling, experiencing new cultures and seeing new places. I studied abroad in Ireland during college, and I was able to go all over Europe. I’ve also gone on a few cruises to the Caribbean. A week on the beach, just relaxing, is my idea of escape.